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Rae Spencer is a writer and veterinarian living in Virginia. Her poems have been published in The Powhatan Review, The Healing Muse, and The Chaffin Journal. This poem is a work of elegance and simplicity. After you read it aloud to whomever will listen, explore more of her work at Lore By Rae Spencer […]

Alive (for Merce Cunningham)

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The death of Merce Cunningham at age 90 (after presenting his most recent–and now final–work in April at the Brooklyn Academy of Music) preempts the regularly scheduled content on this page. But no worries! Tomorrow will bring what today promised. Merce Cunningham was the greatest of the American poets of dance. His star rose at […]

Bygone (A Contemporary Sonnet)

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Manny Beltran’s work has been seen here before. Genuine and heartfelt, his poetry is artistic, which makes sense because he is also a visual artist. This poem is a sonnet, classic in subject, lost love. Read it with your ears as well as your eyes for this poem is more lyrical than visual. Bygone (A […]

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