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Mariah Boone is a mother, writer, social worker, and teacher. She lives with her husband, two daughters, four guinea pigs, and two mice in Corpus Christi, TX. Her work has appeared in CommunityLinks, Poetry Forum, New Beginnings, VegNews, Fertile Ground, Mamaphiles, Hirkani’s Daughters (anthology published by La Leche League International), and on numerous parenting Web […]

Happy Birthday Oliver Wendell Holmes!

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Born on August 29, 1809, Oliver Wendell Holmes epitomized duality. He was an influential physician and a well-regarded poet. A medical reformer, he was one of the first to identify puerperal fever as a communicable disease. He also spoke out against astrology and homeopathy as not being sciences. Perhaps as a bridge between his two […]

Historical Pain

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Sandra Forte was born in Brooklyn, NY, but where does she live now? Yes, you guessed it: Virginia Beach, VA! She is the first-generation American daughter of Russian immigrant parents. Before retiring, Sandra worked as an executive with an international self-help group. In the context of that position, she wrote many published articles and reports. […]

What If

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You have read the work of Rae Spencer at vox poetica before: Lore appeared here in July 2009. This thought-provoking poem makes illustrative use of compact phrasing to convey complex concepts. It gets better with every read! To read more of Rae’s work, visit   What If By Rae Spencer What if there is […]

The Future

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Sharon Poch is another Virginia-based writer. There really must be something in the water! Poch’s work has been published in Moondance and two poetry anthologies. She recently won a Christine Sparks Award for poetry. A late bloomer, she fell in love with poetry on the cusp of middle age after raising three children, a husband, […]

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