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Happy Birthday Bret Harte!

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Bret Harte was born on August 25, 1836. His poetry and short stories made him an icon of the American West, although he did work as a diplomat and spent the last 24 years of his life in Europe, where he died at the age of 64 of throat cancer. This poem reads beautifully! The […]

Happy Birthday Robert Herrick!

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The official birthday of Robert Herrick is unknown, but August 24, 1591, was the day he was baptized, so it signifies his arrival and gives us an excuse to celebrate! Herrick was a sometime cleric who remained unmarried all his life. It has been conjectured that his father committed suicide before infant Robert turned two. […]


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Mark Holloway is another talented UK writer. You can see more of his work at his blog, Beachcombing for the Landlocked. He is a skilled writer of short, visual poems. His phrasing takes the reader from the subject’s aged vantage point straight into the memory he inhabits.   Clipper By Mark Holloway The old man […]

Flora, a Garden-Variety Poem

08.23.09 Posted in today's words by

Sarah Endo’s lovely work has been seen here before: Just Born. This new piece is anything but garden variety. It’s funny and visual, and I, for one, completely relate. A great end-of-summer poem, it is a tongue-in-cheek swat at the late-August outcome of April gardening plans. See how integrally gardening and writing are connected? Enjoy!Flora, […]


08.22.09 Posted in today's words by

You will recognize the writer and you’ll really love his poem! R. Scott DeSena lives in South Florida and I like to think the beautiful weather there contributes to his artistry. This poem is a great lesson in mood. It tells less a story and more a feeling. Word choice is the focal point here. […]

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