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Nature’s Parade

09.30.09 Posted in Observation, today's words by

It is no secret that nature inspires great poetry. It speaks to our primal side, takes us back to our origins, and enlivens our language with color, feeling, and energy. We are one week into autumn and in some places of these United States, the signs of the season are hard to miss. The leaves […]

Handicapped Son

09.29.09 Posted in today's words by

He lives in the north of England, but his words reach round the world! John Lavan, known here for A Birth, has been writing life-spun poems for a number of years. They are, as you would expect, based on John’s own day-to-day, and his son Andrew is the actor, theme, and inspiration for a great […]

ADORATION, for Dorothy

09.28.09 Posted in dedication, today's words by

Not only have you read Bob Christin’s poetry here (For My Daughter), but you’ve also read the poetry of the Virginia writers he mentors (I won’t name them for fear of accidentally omitting anyone–they are poets far too good to offend! Take this time to explore the poemblog and you will find their fabulous work […]


09.27.09 Posted in today's words by

Monica Crumback’s work has appeared in numerous publications including Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers, Hip Mama, and She lives in Michigan with her husband and daughter. Her use of imagery in this poem begins with convention and veers off into the unexpected, taking the the simplicity of a ritual and adding the […]

Happy Birthday Shel Silverstein!

09.26.09 Posted in Birthdays, today's words by

It’s September 25, and you know what that means: Happy Birthday Shel Silverstein! Alright, so, who was Shel? Sure, he was quirky, with his signature bald head and iconic beard. Sure, he wrote The Giving Tree and A Light in the Attic. But did you know his writing and art appeared in Playboy? Did you […]

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