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Living as Though It Matters

11.30.09 Posted in today's words by

KJ Hannah Greenberg is too busy parenting her teenage sons and daughters to contemplate her navel. In fact, if she had five extra minutes, she would bake quinoa pie and feed it to her imaginary hedgehogs. Meanwhile, she steals time by sleeping a little less and laughing a little more. Hannah uses her illicitly culled […]

The Night We Fell in Love

11.29.09 Posted in today's words by

You have read Marla Deschene’s beautiful poem Laundry 101 here. Marla has been spending the month of November participating in a 30 Poems in 30 Days challenge as a fundraiser. For more information and to read the work she has created in this productive month, go to her blog. This type of project is so […]


11.28.09 Posted in today's words by

The exquisite Val B. Russell, Canadian writer of all things wonderful, has given us some wonderful things to read! There have been her poems (Contributor Series 2: Candy and Spirits, POEm; Circular Motion; Tic Toc) and there is always her blog. This was not intended for a Thanksgiving poem, but the sentiments expressed here seem […]

Scenes From a Thanksgiving

11.27.09 Posted in today's words by

Mark Gooch is having Thanksgiving in his home state of Michigan. You have read some of his other poems here (Contributor Series 2: Candy and Spirits, Trick or Treat, A Cinquain; When I Drowned). This poem could be the word companion to that famous Norman Rockwell painting. It details the typical traditional American Thanksgiving. Hope […]

Note From an Obsessed Glee Fan

11.26.09 Posted in today's words by

New Jersey eighth-grader Gianluca D’Elia gives us something new to be thankful for: music and drama-infused television! Some of Gianluca’s other poems grace the poemblog these days (Endless River; Escape of the Doll; Contributor Series 1: 9/11, New Day; Contributor Series 2: Candy and Spirits, Who Kissed My Neck?). He also updates his blog regularly. […]

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