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Falling Island

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Here’s a Thanksgiving story that’s better told later than lived in the moment. Dee Thompson’s poetry has appeared here before (Swimming in Darkness, How to Send Your Child to a New School). A knowledgeable and inspirational writer, Dee is the author of Adopting Alesia: My Crusade for My Russian Daughter, and her blog is a […]

Cellaress at Thanksgiving

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Texas writer Mariah Boone has contributed some wonderful things to these pages (Night House, Eclipse, Packing for Day Care). You may have also read her blog. Her poem today gives voice to the need among the plenty, very powerful in this time of uncertainty and something to consider as we mouth the customary platitudes this […]

The Poemgranate

11.23.09 Posted in words to linger on by

Cassie Premo Steele is an award-winning poet and writer, who has authored 5 books and hundreds of poems and essays on mothering, creativity, healing, and nature. She has taught in university and community settings for 13 years and now leads workshops and coaches individuals through her Co-Creating business. Her column Birthing the Mother Writer appears […]

Nikki Purrs

11.23.09 Posted in today's words by

Michael Lee Johnson is a poet and freelance writer from Itasca, IL. His work has been published in more than 22 countries. He is also editor/publisher of 4 poetry sites, all open for submission, which can be accessed from his Web site. His new chapbook, From Which Place the Morning Rises, and his other books […]


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If you find yourself in Englewood, NJ, and you stand in the middle of the Flat Rock Nature Preserve, one of the last vestiges of the Palisades Forest, you will see trees that seem to stretch up as tall as the mountains themselves. It is impossible to look at those tall trees and not feel […]

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