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Margaret Beaver is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in economics from Georgia State University. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Counterexample Politics and The Houston Literary Review. She resides near the metro Atlanta area. She writes, as you will note, in a lovely descriptive and metaphoric style. For every person that reads this, […]

Imperfections & Impermanence

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BR Belletryst’s most recent work here (untitled) was part of Contributor Series 5: Dramatis Personae and in it BR took us through the development of a writer (him) and the milestone markers of great works that he read along the way. Today’s poem explores more terrain that is familiar to many a writer: imperfection. His […]

An Outing

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Richard F Yates picks up where R Martin Basden left off! Doesn’t poetry like this make you wish summer would never end?! An Outing By Richard F Yates Walking to the store kids on bikes Smell of blackberry bushes Music coming from the open door of some unknown neighbor’s house Gravel from unpaved alleyways crunching […]

Blanket Down

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R Martin Basden is able to capture a moment and bring it to us whole, a wonderful skill for a poet! He is an Albright Poet from Virginia and the most recent poem of his that you have read here was Broken, Haiku of Injured Relationships. When you read this you will feel like you’re on […]


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Mike Lyne was born in 1967 in Ireland, survived the Irish education system almost intact, and moved to Germany, where he works in IT. Approaching the point where half his life has been spent abroad has raised the question of where his influences come from and how they mix; the search for the answers continues. […]

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