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The Journey

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Jane Audrey’s poem Honorable appeared here in April. You might notice this poem has a whole different sound to it …  The Journey By Jane Audrey Lovin’ You Is Easy, lying here in your Open Arms, A Girl Can’t Help It, Feeling That Way I Do If you Stay Awhile, We can share our Wildest Dream But […]

Best Beloved

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Ivy Page is editor of OVS Magazine. She holds an MFA in creative writing with a focus on poetry. She teaches at D Acres (Dorchester NH), NHTI Concord, and Keene State College. Her poetry has been widely published in journals and her first book of poetry, Any Other Branch, is set to be released by Salmon Poetry […]

New Wave/New Vogue

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Jeffrey Grunthaner’s poem In a Landscape appeared here in March 2010. His poetry is rich and textured, more suggestive than narrative, layered with imagery and the vague associations we make without thinking. Listen to him read this poem and see if that makes you think about the poem differently.  New Wave/New Vogue By Jeffrey Grunthaner Everything comes […]


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Christina Marie Speed’s O, September appeared here in written and recorded form. Her lovely voice lends her clever words another dimension. In this poem she captures the dimension of a son’s voice and the texture of love.  Blue By Christina Marie Speed Mama, Thank you for giving birth to my brother, he says out of a six-year-old […]

a divination

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Loria Taylor’s poem Surely appeared here in October 2009. This poem has the feeling of a cup reading; it is vague and meaningful all at the same time.  a divination By Loria Taylor a divination of the signs a Thursday night road unsafe under water road unsafe regardless slower traffic right lane fast forward left lane I […]

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