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Day of Atonement

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Adrienne Drobnies is a poet and scientist/project manager at the Genome Sciences Center in Vancouver Canada. Her poetry has appeared at Canadian literary magazines including Scrivener, NeWest Review, Waves, Poetry Canada Review, and Poetry Toronto and in the anthologies New Voices (Mosaic Press) and From Sinai to the Shtetl and Beyond: Where is Home for the Jewish Writer? (Hamilton Jewish Literacy Festival, 2009). Adrienne has […]

Once in a Blue Moon

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John McCallum’s poem My Fast That Did Not Last appeared here in November. This poem is a narrative and it invites us into a space and time we were not part of. Once In a Blue Moon By John McCallum Coarse teflon sand invades our toes Sweet smells from that rainy green ribbon Along the beach that […]

Venn Diagram

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John Sherer’s poem My Future appeared here in August 2010. Today he explores the concept of time and space management, a subject that fits when you’re just out of school, looking for work, and trying to figure out where to live. Venn Diagram By John Sherer I need to write about lines When nature seems so round […]

Haikus 8 and 12

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Harris Tobias recently had his poem A Ship of Bones appear as part of Contributor Series 7: The Confessional Diary of Bone. He has shared his haiku with us before. Today’s pair takes us into the craft of writing. Who can relate? Haiku 8 By Harris Tobias I try to write about beauty Black marks on paper […]

Oops! Christmas ’04

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Alan Britt’s recent books include Vegetable Love and Vermilion. His work also appears in the anthologies American Poets Against the War (Metropolitan Arts Press, 2009) and Vapor transatlantico (Hofstra University Press, 2008). Alan founded the Commonsense Party which, in his words “ironically to some sounds radical.” He teaches English and creative writing at Towson University and lives in Reisterstown MD with his […]

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