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Keep It Simple

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Jasper Ballard’s poem Time appeared here in January. For those of you who are following his adventures as a missionary, his latest trip to Haiti hit a minor snag when he was questioned by local authorities for bringing large quantities of medical paraphernalia into an unreconstructed part of Port-au-Prince. Fortunately, one of the highers-up recognized him and […]

The Surprise

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Austin Alexis has had work published at Mobius, Caper Literary Journal, Danse Macabre, Barrow Street, and elsewhere. His work has been included in the anthology Off the Cuffs and his chapbook, For Lincoln and Other Poems (Poets Where Prada Press). He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and he received a Bread Loaf Writers Conference Scholarship. The Surprise By Austin Alexis Who […]


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Matthew Ross writes from his home in north central Ohio. A husband and father of three, he spends his days working as the director of a small public library. When not with his family, he can usually be found scribbling in his notebooks. Visit his blog. Resurrection By Matthew Ross At the trailhead, he looks backwards […]

Your Road

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Julie Ellinger Hunt’s poem Carcass appeared here as part of Contributor Series 7: The Confessional Diary of Bone. Her second book of poetry, In New Jersey, is forthcoming at unbound CONTENT. Click here for a preview.  Your Road By Julie Ellinger Hunt I’m like the only car on this road. It’s dark, ridden with shards of glass, the skeletons […]

Shores of Amnesia

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Alan Britt’s poem Oops! Christmas ’04 appeared here in January. He gives us a very different poem here.  Shores of Amnesia (for Nicomedes Suárez-Araúz) By Alan Britt Heavenly pleasure to misread the clock. Hours sag like skeletons. The hourglass sheds her mother-of- pearl blouse. Thoughts drift on an ocean of bare white shoulders rippling their way across […]

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