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Julien Edmund Moss has been writing since he was 3 years old. He has published various illegitimate sketches in Jibsheet, a weekly newspaper published at Bellevue Community College, his alma mater. His work has been published in Always Looking, Love’s Chance, Poet’s Espresso, The Stray Branch, Straylight, Soul Fountain,, Litsnack, Expressions, Eskimo Pie, Blink […]

An Agoraphobic’s Worry Beads

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Maureen Donatelli’s poem Fractions appeared here in January. Maureen gives us a sense for her range with this expansive poem today. An Agoraphobic’s Worry Beads By Maureen Donatelli Oh, but the sky is a quarrel of tongues flashing metallic light. It has come on slow, sifting through the heavy laden hand of afternoon, blue breathing out clouds, […]

I’m Gone

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Nate Spears’ poem I Believe appeared here in November 2010. His book Inspiration 2 Smile was released in December 2010 and will be released as an audio book in the spring of 2011. Hear what he has to say about his inspiration on 15 Minutes of Poetry. I’m Gone By Nate Spears Warm and hydrated As I Twist and turn […]

Friendly Neighbors

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Joanna C Valente was born and bred in New York, where she still currently resides. She is a writer and artist who has been featured in various publications. She is the founder and editor of the online literary publication Yes, Poetry. In the future she would like to live by the ocean and own too many […]

My Mom

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Mike Perkins’ poem One Afternoonappeared here last August. These are both love poems that paint beautiful pictures. My Mom By Mike Perkins was born in a log cabin nestled in a long valley on a Missouri homestead and still lives less than five miles away never finished high school but finished everything else like a family […]

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