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Ocean Flight

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Rosalyn Marhatta writes poems of love, loss, remembrance, and inspiration. She performs them at coffeehouses in North Carolina as part of the Triad Poetry Meetup. She has also performed her poetry for charity and local events and has been poet of the month at Tate St. Coffeehouse and on blogtalkradio’s Words program. She has lived […]


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It is National Poetry Month and I can think of no better way to think of this art than the simple and elegant way Jenny Billings Beaver describes it here. Take her words to heart. And read her most recent poem to appear here, food of angels, which was published as part of Contributor Series 8: […]

Nanjing Blues

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Harlan D Whatley teaches at the School of International Studies at Huanghe S&T College in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. He has directed, produced, and written award-winning documentaries filmed around the world and screened at various festivals. HD’s short stories and poetry have appeared at Golden Isles Magazine, Birmingham Arts Journal, Heavy Hands Ink, Papercut, Poets for Living Waters, Warwick Unbound, and Word Salad. He […]

Forthwit’ and Child (Knowing Is Not Always Best)

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Nick Hawkins is from Brighton England. He and his wife Anita have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. He’s been writing poetry for several years and he feels that his poetry is born rather than created. His work has appeared at the prompts page and has been included in the prompts page anthologies Inspirations: images & words.  […]

The Trail

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Abigale Louise LeCavalier did not receive her name, she chose it: her last name to be the same as her two boys, Louise for the grandmother she dearly loved, and Abigale because it was as different from her birth name as she could get and she has always loved it. Abigale has seen The Breakfast Club around […]

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