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Janis Lull is professor emerita at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She has published scholarship on Shakespeare and other English Renaissance poets. Her own poems have appeared at The Little Magazine, Beloit Poetry Journal, Poetry Northwest, Epoch, and elsewhere. More recently her work has been published in Ruminate, Nibble, Perceptions Literary Magazine, and Right Hand Pointing. She also writes reviews for […]

For My Dear Doctor, Dr. Seuss

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Dr. Seuss would have loved vox poetica! For My Dear Doctor, Dr. SeussBy Sarah Anne Stinnett September 1991 is when you died. I can’t remember where I was, swaddled in blankets perhaps mourning for a reason, not the right one; a rattle lost, why is my bottle cold? I, too little to know you had […]

Winter in Lisbon

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As a Portuguese of Chinese descent, Ke Huang learned most of her English watching Hollywood movies. She holds a BS from Syracuse and an MFA in screenwriting from UCLA. Her writing has appeared in Asia Writes, Mused, Outwardlink, Scrambler, and other journals. She now lives and blogs in London. Winter in LisbonBy Ke Huang Variegated lights, a third […]

To Those I Have Lost

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Giovanni Rivera performs his poetry under the name G-$MOOV at venues in the NY/NJ metropolitan area. He energizes the room by shining the light of his art at the darker parts of the human heart.   To Those I Have LostBy Giovanni Rivera I have been to war now I can’t find peace. I have […]

Summer Haze

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Maxwell Baumbach’s most recent poem to appear here was Damn It, published as part of Contributor Series 9: If Men Had Ears. He has a full-length poetry collection due to release in January 2012 by unbound CONTENT. Summer HazeBy Maxwell Baumbach most of this summer is a haze I don’t know if it is because nothing […]

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