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Women of Alaska Speak

09.30.11 Posted in today's words by

In June 2011, I was honored to be part of a creativity workshop in Anchorage Alaska hosted by The Black Feather Poets. One of the amazing highlights was experiencing the creative energy in the room as some 13 different women writing together created this poem. Have I told you lately that vox loves collaboration? Women […]


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Harris Tobias’ most recent poem here was Hints of Spring (May 2011). VinesBy Harris Tobias I have dealt the vines a mighty blow I visited their stronghold and laid them waste Some as fat around as a man’s arm They must have been there for years And thought they were safe Others were thinner than a thread […]


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Molly Frederick’s most recent poem to appear here was Confidence (May 2011). Molly writes beautifully about nature, or rather, Molly’s writing uses the natural world to explore the terrain of human nature. ReturningBy Molly Frederick When first I saw the stream, it was full and flowing and it moved with a purpose and a bright, tossing plan. […]

Night Storm

09.28.11 Posted in today's words by

Joe Massingham was born in the UK but has lived the second half of his life in Australia. He has been a Navy officer, university student, PhD, tutor, lecturer, and Master of Wright College, University of New England NSW. He has run his own writing and editing business, but retired early because of cancer and […]

Best of the Net 2011

09.27.11 Posted in announcements, Award Nominees by

The first round of award nominations is a wrap! The vox poetica nominations for Best of the Net (Sundress Publications) are: KC Bosch, Stealing Days, an idyllic description of a perfect day Robert CJ Graves, Me, the Monster, a humorous nod to Ms. Shelley, her classic, and our craft Jean Hendrickson, Cradle of Civilization, a heartbreaking […]

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