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  Maureen Donatelli’s most recent poem to appear here was Bee Fever (September 2011). October By Maureen Donatelli As evening indigo curtains low bronzed hills, and lights along emptied avenues flicker to cones of cold white life, it comes near to sparkling, to speaking in the wispy rustle of yellow-leafed birches lining the drive, in […]

The Anchors of Our Lives

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R Martin Basden’s most recent poem to appear here was Ode to Bob Christin (September 2011). The Anchors of Our LivesBy R Martin Basden The anchors of our livesare these simple truthswhich persistthough we repeatedlythrow them awaysurprisingly find themover and overdressed in borrowed clothesslouched in the shadowsof our indiscretions smiling

What Triumph I Can Muster

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  Jennifer Lobaugh is a writer, musician, and student at the University of Oklahoma. Fluent in English, French, Russian, and Sarcasm, her poetry has recently been published in The Camel Saloon, Phantom Kangaroo, and Gutter Eloquence Magazine. What Triumph I Can MusterBy Jennifer Lobaugh when I finally break free from your calamitous affection– when the […]

A Short Poem About Time

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Andrea Lani’s most recent poem to appear here was Mix Tape, published as part of Contributor Series 9: If Men Had Ears in July 2011. A Short Poem About TimeBy Andrea Lani Didn’t anyone tell you? The stream only flows one way.

Evolution of Music

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Mark Gooch’s most recent poem to appear here was Farewell (October 2011). Evolution of MusicBy Mark Gooch Emotion released on a tapestry Through colors rich in tones Chaining of notes as Instruments display their souls Minstrels of lost love, hero’s deeds, And lust for gold. Royalty of ages Mankind’s chosen few King of Rock and Roll And […]

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