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Same River Twice

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Leah Stenson is a published poet, workshop leader, Board Member of Friends of William Stafford, and coordinator and host of the prestigious Stonehenge Studios reading series in Portland. She is also an editor of the upcoming Ooligan Press anthology, The Pacific Poetry Project. Her new chapbook, Heavenly Body, was recently released by Finishing Line Press. Leah’s […]

In the time it takes …

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Murray Dunlap’s most recent poem to appear here was In an Instant (September 2011). In the time it takes … By Murray Dunlap In the time it takes to close your eyes, A light turns red A car rushes in front of you Creating a wall for you to press into In the time it takes for a […]


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Charlene James-Duguid is a cultural anthropologist who has done research in collections and flea market activity, Balinese dance, and Crow Native American culture. She was adopted by the Crow and given the name Reed Woman, she who brings comfort in time of great need. Charlene has written a book about lumberjacks, Work as Art, Logging as […]

Two Flowers

11.24.11 Posted in words to linger on by

Joanna Beacom (aka Joanna De Seyne) is a singer songwriter and poet. Her music work spans the past two decades and several genres from American Idol to eclectic dance and singer songwriter pop rock. She currently writes instrumentals for several MTV shows. After concentrating on music and motherhood for the past several years, Joanna has […]

Driving Down

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Kay Middleton’s most recent poem to appear here was The Silence of Wind, published as part of Contributor Series 3: Resolution and Resolve and in From 9/11 to a New Year, the first vox poetica Contributor Series anthology by unbound CONTENT. It was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2010. Driving DownBy Kay Middleton a lost highway […]

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