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The Real Missing Mass

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Clinton Van Inman’s most recent poem to appear here was Sylvia (January 2012).The Real Missing MassBy Clinton Van Inman They say that most of you is missingPerhaps even from your private placesSomething more than just an arm or legAnd deeper than your darkest spaces.Researchers conclude as much as 90 percentLost deduced from a long line of Xs […]

Ode on a Fortune Cookie

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William Wright Harris is a student at the University of Tennessee–Knoxville, where he has studied poetry in workshop settings with poets such as Jesse Janeshek, Marilyn Kallet, Arthur Smith, and Marcel Brouwers. William’s poetry has appeared in literary journals such as Cannon’s Mouth, Ascent Aspirations, and Write On!!!Ode on a Fortune CookieBy William Wright Harris Tearing off […]

Coastal Dweller

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Finishing Line Press published Shelby Stephenson’s chapbook Playing Dead in 2011. Family Matters: Homage to July, the Slave Girl, won the Bellday Prize for Poetry in 2008 (Allen Grossman, judge) and the Oscar Arnold Young Award in 2009 from the Poetry Council of North Carolina (Jared Carter, judge). For more information on his poetry and music, visit Shelby’s website.Coastal […]

By the Window

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Matt Pasca makes his home on the south shore of Long Island with his wife Terri and orange-haired sons Rainer and Atticus. A graduate of Cornell University and Stony Brook University, he has taught creative writing, mythology, and literature at Bay Shore High School since 1997. He was named New York State Teacher of Excellence […]


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Pauline M Campos is a former newsroom journalist turned stay-at-home-writer-mama with the requisite blog. She contributes to Owning Pink, Bookieboo, An Army of Ermas, and posts 3 times a week at her blog. Zombie By Pauline M Campos Voices raised fingers pointed tears thoughts racing guilt swelling eat something anything chew swallow repeat words thrown overhead salt in […]

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