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Stigmatic widowhood

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Vivekanand Jha’s most recent poem to appear here was Let me live even in the dark (May 2010).Stigmatic widowhoodBy Vivekanand JhaCustom curses the widowand blesses the widowerwidow, a horse with bridle; widower, a tiger without fetters.Stand two victims in a sea of sympathy:all waves sway toward the widowerwhile stranded at seashore, widow seeswordlessly all worldly ebbs and flows.It […]


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Jeanette Gallagher’s most recent poem to appear here was The Twist, published as part of Contributor Series 10: Silken Rags, in January 2012.PraiseBy Jeanette GallagherShe asked her motherwhy she neverpraisedHer mother answeredbecause she didn’t want her to get a big head.After therapy sherelinquished the painand wondered whyin her dreams she stillsearched for herself.


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Gerald Solomon was born in London and studied English literature at Cambridge University. After a short spell as a sales assistant at a book shop in London’s Charing Cross Road, he worked as a producer at the BBC. Subsequently becoming engaged in education, he helped found general studies courses at Hornsey College of Art, and […]

A Pot of Chili

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William Wright Harris’ poem Ode on a Fortune Cookie appeared here in February 2012.A Pot of ChiliBy William Wright Harrisis bubblingon my stove,spitting greaseandtomato sauce, Jackson Pollackweaving wind onmy kitchen wall.Pound saying, if America hasno place for poetrythen it hasno place for me,leaving for a cagein Italy.Bukowski pointinghis BMW towards the racetrack toforget his typewriteris humming for himalonein his […]


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Patty Cole is a 2012 NCPS Honorable Mention honoree and a 2011 Fields of Earth Poetry Competition finalist. Her other credits are The Sound of Poets Cooking (anthology), The Main Street Rag, Mused Winter 2011 Solstice, The Melancholy Dane, and the Kanawha Review. She lives in Bonlee NC on a 17-acre farm where she and her husband raise chickens, 4 […]

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