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The Dead Wide Savanna, Skies Asunder

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Max Miroff breathes air and exhales carbon dioxide, primarily in Virginia. On certain rare occasions, a bit of poetry comes out too. You will be able to find him here soon.The Dead Wide Savanna, Skies AsunderBy Max MiroffI come to you with omens of the fall,the death of the wounded lionwho liesstrewn across the rocks.The sun envelops […]


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Clinton Van Inman’s most recent poem to appear here was The Real Missing Mass (February 2012).UncleBy Clinton Van InmanI thought you diedIn the last war but ISee you are up to yourOld tricks againPointing your fingerBullying boys to joinYour cause of killingPeopleO say can you see theFields filling with thoseWho believed your old lieThat freedom means fightingNow […]


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Matt Pasca’s poem By the Window appeared here in February 2012. Confession By Matt Pasca This is the poem I have not wanted to write–the vegetable drawer inch-deep in blackenedherb, the dishwasher rack that needs fixing,the recommendation letter for a kid I amnot convinced I should recommend. It is the line I don’t want to wait on–the […]

Come what may

03.25.12 Posted in today's words by

Boghos Artinian’s poem The Interview (1973) appeared here in January 2012. About this poem he says: “I wrote this poem after the collapse of a building in Beirut that killed 27 people and injured 12 more. Though the landlord had warned the tenants, few left before it was too late. Come what may By Boghos L Artinian […]


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Harris Tobias’ most recent poem to appear here was The Topography of a Face (February 2012). Trumpets By Harris Tobias How to explain that flash of brassThat yellow stain in what was gray and deadThe daffodil, its trumpet calling from the flower bedA trumpet call no ear can hearSo heroic yet so sweetSo tell me, you who […]

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