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Midnight Thoughts

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Nicole Yurcaba’s most recent poem to appear here was Broken Goes the Circle (March 2012).Midnight ThoughtsBy Nicole YurcabaThunderstorms rolled into the valley;pouring rain fell, drummingheavily on the old tin roof.So, I got out of bed to close an open window.I wondered, staring into the deep nightif you went hunting. You had said you might.To Branch or Gracedid you […]


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Yousef Hilmy is a 17-year-old student from Orange County CA. In his free time he enjoys reading, writing, playing soccer, and traveling. He is Egyptian and fluent in Arabic. He also speaks conversational Spanish. He hopes to get a PhD in comparative literature or literary theory and become a professor. He would love to live […]


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Joanna S Lee’s most recent poem to appear here was catching up (March 2012).usBy Joanna S Leelike good philosophers wedon’t share toothpaste orhistories butsqueeze what’s leftof our soulsinto the opening ofan hour, hold nakedhands with our nightmares andour jealousies & talkthem down from ledgeswhere they dream ofescape.

What Is Necessary

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Scott Owens’ most recent poem to appear here was Long Yellow (April 2012).What Is NecessaryBy Scott Owens What is necessary is need.We need the bread, the water,the air we breathe, the handrubbing the back of the neck.Call it love or solaceor just the assurance of another bodywilling to touch our own.But more than thatwhat is necessary isnecessity. Call […]

Intro to Blues

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Karen Jakubowski lives on Long Island, where she was born, raised, fled from and returned to. Her poems have appeared in various online publications.Intro to Blues By Karen Jakubowski Perched on splintered stoolscramped shallow night. Bassplayer plucked and blues singerwailed. We slid through smokeclouds, landed on trampledmahogany planks. Stenchof stale beer and spilledwhiskey rising. Air thick,hazy. […]

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