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Anthony Ward’s most recent poem to appear here was Anger (May 2012). SnowballedBy Anthony WardWith his rolling eyesSnowballing downhillBuilding momentumWhile gaining bulk,They turned him into a man. Sticking fossils into his eyes and mouth,Dressing him in their old clothes,Taking great pleasure in admiring their new friendWhom they soon forgot about,Leaving him to melt into a pool of […]

Embracing the Dream

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A product of the 1960s and 70s, Michael Copeland was raised in the rust belt of the Midwest in central Ohio. His loving family and rocky early years formed his view of life as it swirled around him. He began writing poetry as a way to deal with inner feelings, as a personal diary. From […]


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Dawnell Harrison’s most recent poem to appear here was The fox and the moon (April 2012). WordsBy Dawnell HarrisonWords dropFrom my mouth Like little red balloons–Full of promise, Full and thickWith meaning. My wordsDo not drag As if slippingAcross my mouth Like a woman’s Crimson lipstick Past midnight.My words ring out Into a new dayLike a fresh pear– […]

Threnody for the Fallen

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William C Ross’ most recent poem to appear here was Impractical Beauty (May 2012). Threnody for the FallenBy William C RossStep off the march slowly,Sing the threnody lowly.Make plain and muted the decoration. We mark the sad fallingOf those who answered the calling,Whom now we honor with our celebration. Let their silent voices reach usAnd solemnly teach […]

The Congresswoman’s Brain

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Rae Spencer’s most recent poem to appear here was The Waiting Songs, published as part of Contributor Series 9: If Men Had Ears. The Congresswoman’s BrainBy Rae Spencerit’s literal now, our interestfixed on her anatomy no longer the simple concernsof platform and policyher silenced voice representingthis widened constituency discussing the bullet’s pathin perplexed grief awed by […]

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