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The Art of Kissing

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Alan Britt’s most recent poem to appear here was The Kiss (October 2011). Alright, so kissing seems to be a big topic for Alan. What of it? The Art of KissingBy Alan Britt Lips like mollusks. Finger bones sifting Mayan ruins. Hair in my mouth, hair on my eyelashes,Atlantic undertow in your kiss. But kisses’ whitegreen tongueslash […]

Columbus Day 10/10/2011

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The author of Green Revolver (University of South Carolina Press, 2010, winner of the 2009 SC Poetry Prize), Worthy Evans grew up all over South Carolina and spent formative summers with his grandparents in Alexandria, VA, where he and his mother roamed Northern VA and Washington DC. He uses these places to set narrative and imagist poems, […]

Urban Pigeons

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Jimmie A Kepler is a poet, freelance writer, and book reviewer. His poems appear in The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Writing After Fifty, and Poetry & Prose eMagazine. His nonfiction has appeared in various journals. He is a contributing book reviewer for Front Row Lit Magazine. Visit his blog. Urban PigeonsBy Jimmie A Kepler White cloudsfill the […]

Little Things

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Aarushi Vyas’ most recent poem to appear here was Birthday Blues, published as part of Contributor Series 11: On Birthdays in July 2012. Little ThingsBy Aarushi Vyas I don’t care about your new hairstyle Or your immense money and fame But the way you say my name Takes me to paradise Not your credentials Nor your […]


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EV Noechel’s poem Louvre Cats appeared here in March 2012. DinosaursBy EV Noechel Green and black, nearly blinded by the densityof all things alive, the jungle breathes oxygen into my open lips, wetwith hungry saliva and sumptuous,Controlling, possessive heat.The weight of humidity in my lungs,pushes down on my chest like it’s tryingto start a heart gone still. […]

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