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Another Time

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Gary Hanna’s most recent poem to appear here was Door Knob (August 2012). Another TimeBy Gary Hanna I’m older now and timehas passed but stillI remember long agowe schooled our hearts, nowI wear glasses and my eyesaren’t as blue anymore, sothere’s no danger but before we goI want to see you I’ll knock politely at the doorhoping that youare […]

Whisks and Sticks

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Jeff Burt works in manufacturing in Santa Cruz County CA. His work has recently been published in Barnwood andVerse Wisconsin and he enjoys the aroma of a freshly sharpened number two pencil.  Whisks and SticksBy Jeff Burt My wife bakes,Scratch cakes,Puffs, cornbread,Without electric whirr,Just whisks and sticks,Spoons and spatulas,Beating, mixing, Folding, stirring.I can hear her shirt flapWhen she beats,The […]

Night noises

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Christopher Roe’s most recent poem to appear here was Sliver of the Light (September 2012). Night noisesBy Christopher Roe And the shadow swoopedand it shriekeda startled mouse tumbledand was carried offagainst the moon. And the stillness slowly filledwith night noise and movementforaging and mating resumedin the shadows castby moonbeams. And all were gratefulwithout guilt or shamewithout luck […]


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Richard Schnap is a poet, songwriter, and collagist living in Pittsburgh PA. His poems have most recently appeared locally, nationally, and globally in a variety of print and online journals. SouvenirsBy Richard Schnap A vase of withered flowers,A dusty crystal ball,A pewter statuette ofThe Empire State Building,The joker from a deckOf Japanese playing cards,An engraved […]

All the Lost Crayons

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Richard Peabody is an awesome writer and the publisher of Gargoyle Magazine. All the Lost CrayonsBy Richard Peabody1) Prussian Blue (ceased 1958) Kids fight over their favorite crayons. If you reach for my Aquamarine or CopperI might just bite you. And who didn’t love youPrussian Blue? I needed you for the deep watersurrounding Mike Fink’s […]

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