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Stephen Luke is a professional writer and poetry enthusiast who lives in Elmwood Park NJ. His goal is to expose people to poetry in new ways and to express themes in new mediums, whether written out in chalk in a schoolyard or quickly in a text message. CreditsBy Stephen Luke I can’t see you anymore,Or […]

Poem for a Mother

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Rhiannon Thorne is a Fleetwood Mac baby from the North Bay, but took to calling herself Raquel during her abroad years in Madrid. She’s been published around and is co-editor with fellow poet-in-arms, Kate Hammerich, ofcahoodaloodaling. She may be reached at Poem for a MotherBy Rhiannon Thorne When I was fourI’d follow you into […]


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Marc Carver’s most recent poem to appear here was Dead Drunk (August 2011). CatBy Marc Carver I look down at the pavementThere is a coat on the ground.Then it starts to moveEven though there is no wind.Then it gets upAnd becomesA cat. Beautiful

The Man With Wheels in His Head

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Martin Willitts Jr’s poetry has been widely published in fine journals and in print chapbooks. His chapbook Waiting for the Day to Open Its Wings is scheduled for a 2013 release by unbound CONTENT. The Man With Wheels in His Head (John Ferris, Inventor of the Ferris Wheel)By Martin Willitts Jr 1. Inspiration First become a crackpot. […]

I Sat Among My Thoughts Today

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James G Piatt’s most recent poem to appear here was The Last Birthday, published as part of Contributor Series 11: On Birthdays. I Sat Among My Thoughts TodayBy James G Piatt I sat amongMy thoughts today,Watching ripples formUpon theTightly woven skinOf a silentPond.I felt the noiselessWarmth,Of theBrilliant sun,That lighted my day.Forgetting the dinOf humanity, IFound pleasureIn […]

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