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Zen Nonsense

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Peter C Venable has written both free and metric verse for more than 50 years. His work has been published in journals such as American Vedantist, Vineyards, The Christian Communicator, Third Wednesday, and The Merton Seasonal, and he has written 3 unpublished chapbooks. Peter works as an almost retired addiction and mental health counselor and […]

Pulling the Thread

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Nick Talent’s most recent poem to appear here was Moat (June 2014). Pulling the Thread By Nick Talent It started with a question a doubt raised by a look you gave when I said I didn’t like sushi. Then there was the argument about the clock and what time [10:00] was. And the time we […]

The Rape of Kessab

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Boghos Artinian’s most recent poem to appear here was The Performance (August 2014). The Rape of Kessab By Boghos Artinian The telephones were still working the morning after Kessab was overrun by terrorists marauding from the Turkish side. The young had been rescued at night and were in Latakia. Many old men and women couldn’t […]


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Roger Still’s poem Tokens for the Ride appeared here in August 2014. Burrowing By Roger Still Sitting still and silent, you can hear The burrowing going on underneath As friends speak, like a mole There is excavation into nuance and mood And what is really being said.  


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Sabrina Gutierrez from Cerritos CA wrote this poem. Insanity By Sabrina Gutierrez Why write about you? I’m blinded by infatuation And unable to resist Wanting to put together All the soppy Pathetic ways That I adore you. It’s insanity, Also defined as Doing something over And over And over again, Each time expecting something different. […]

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