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Season of Rebirth

10.31.14 Posted in today's words by

Speaking of Jeanette Gallagher … Jeanette’s grandson Craig’s poem appeared here yesterday. We could use a little seasonal rebirth, don’t you think? Season of Rebirth By Jeanette Gallagher April brings the joy of rebirth Nature aspires to gift the earth After winter’s hibernation As certain as inspiration and creation Bulbs planted deep beneath the soil […]

I’m a Cool Guy

10.30.14 Posted in today's words by

R Craig Gallagher is a high school sophomore attending Cape Henry Collegiate School in Virginia Beach through the Laila Serpe Distinguished Scholar Scholarship.┬áHe wrote this for his English class last year. His teacher encouraged him to publish it. Craig comes from good writing stock: his grandmother is vox poetica’s own Jeanette Gallagher, whose last poem […]


10.29.14 Posted in today's words by

Elora Shore’s most recent poem to appear here was A Man’s Dreams (December 2013). Rebirth By Elora Shore Oh, that I could but step out Into the forest edge, And rest in the serenity Of their quiet morning shadows. I would that you’d give birth to me there In the rising sun’s sympathetic rays That […]

Something Mocks Us

10.28.14 Posted in today's words by

Bill Harney teaches literature at Endicott College, north of Boston. His poetry appears frequently at Ibbetson Street, BRICKrhetoric, and other fine small magazines. Something Mocks Us By Bill Harney in a broken doll, hair askew, a leg that folds or won’t fold right, an eye gone missing, painted brows erased (not anyone now), that Chevrolet’s […]

I Pray for Arms

10.27.14 Posted in today's words by

Jeff Burt’s most recent poem to appear here was Pressing (January 2014). I Pray for Arms By Jeff Burt I pray for arms, Joshua’s bones to grow where none have been since birth, fingers long like claws of trowels so he could weed and plant, so he could stir a fire and climb a neighboring […]

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