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Murray Dunlap’s most recent poem to appear here was The Nightmare (May 2014). Time By Murray Dunlap In a moment, I was gone. No words to describe my brain’s vacation. I have no idea who or where I was. But now, a stone’s throw from my place of birth. With family and friends all around. […]


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Joan L Cannon’s most recent poem to appear here was Road KillĀ (November 2013). Her new book of poetry, My Mind Is Made of Crumbs, is available from Anaphora Literary Press. Souvenirs By Joan L Cannon Aslant on asphalt seeming to beg for notice lies a grey-ribbed reject from a crow. I stoop to take it […]


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Roger Still’s most recent poem to appear here was Burrowing (September 2014). Coroner By Roger Still They laid the gift box flat Unwrapped it for us like holiday morn We stood there blinking against Light and what was obvious Admiring a man we knew well.

At 5 AM

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Peter C Venable’s most recent poem to appear here was Zen Nonsense (September 2014). At 5 AM By Peter C Venable From the deck a million tiny eyes probe mine behind silhouettes of trees and shrubs. The dank air whirls with spirals of light and a crescent moon blushes under a dawn’s pink ruffles.  

What the Words

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Tim Wisniewski lives in Washington DC, where he works for Reingold LINK, a strategic communications and community engagement firm. He is a 2013 graduate of Bridgewater College, where he received his BA in English. This poem appears in published form here for the first time, but it is part of a larger collection of poems […]

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