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The Nightmare

11.23.14 Posted in today's words by

Murray Dunlap’s most recent poem to appear here was Time (October 2014). The Nightmare By Murray Dunlap In time, it would all be the same as a nightmare: Faded, disjointed memory with no logic No meaning As it happened, however It scared the life out of me I became overly defensive Overly fearful But, new […]

The Political Lady

11.22.14 Posted in today's words by

Jeanette Gallagher’s most recent poem to appear here was Season of Rebirth (October 2014). The Political Lady (The Reception) By Jeanette Gallagher The provocative young woman Enters the ballroom on the arm Of a white-haired man To attend a formal reception Exquisite in elegant pink ruffled gown She carries an elaborate fan Her upswept brown […]

Loma Prieta Quake

11.20.14 Posted in today's words by

Jeff Burt’s most recent poem to appear here was I Pray for Arms (October 2014). Loma Prieta Quake By Jeff Burt The quake does not end with the last shake or tinkle of glass in the cupboard. It does not end, this walking on ground as if stepping onto a small boat mid-river, or suspended […]

In the Shadows

11.18.14 Posted in today's words by

Laura Zucca-Scott’s most recent poem to appear here was If only (October 2014). In the Shadows By Laura Zucca-Scott Sheer pain colors some days Through the harsh reality Light confounds truth and grace Replaced by loud ignorance In the shadows tomorrow awaits A new day is yet to come

There Are Footprints

11.17.14 Posted in today's words by

AJ Huffman’s most recent poem to appear here was Because Boots (October 2014). There Are Footprints By AJ Huffman on the wall. Strangely lit shadow-paths. Of progress? Or progressing Madness? I suspect the hand of both is responsible for these abstract expressions of agitation. I ponder painting over them, obliterating their evidence, decide instead to […]

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