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Love Regained

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Marc Carver’s most recent poem to appear here was Hungry Guy (January 2015). Love Regained By Marc Carver I go out and look for love I don’t find it but it doesn’t stop my looking, hoping. It must be out there and waiting to be found. So one and on I go.  

Milk and Cookies

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Nick Talent’s most recent poem to appear here was Girl Talk (January 2015). Milk and Cookies By Nick Talent Reading Winnie-the-Pooh to Jillian last night, I could taste the chocolate chips and hear Momma singingĀ slipped stitches of melody in the kitchen while rain washed the spring silt from the window and a glass of milk […]

The Azure of Her Eyes

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Murray Dunlap’s most recent poem to appear here was The Nightmare (November 2014). The Azure of Her Eyes By Murray Dunlap In the glimmer of light, unexpected The azure of her eyes is lit And my heart thunders a storm Because love pounds A radiant blue, and a fiery glance When I was lost Eyes […]

Poem Written on the Back of an Envelope

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Neil Leadbeater is an author, essayist, poet, and critic living in Edingurgh, Scotland. His work has been published widely in anthologies and journals, both at home and abroad. His latest books are The Loveliest Vein of our Lives (Poetry Space, 2014) and The Fragility of Moths (Bibliotheca Universalis, 2015). An e-book, Grease-banding the Apple Trees […]


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Brandon Hodge wrote this poem. Whimsy By Brandon Hodge Whimsy was my woman wonderful and wild Whimsy was my woman beautiful mother of my child and so Whimsical was our daughter beautiful, wonderful, wild so full of Whimsy

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