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15 Minutes of Poetry | Emma Eden Ramos, Marymount Manhattan Review

04.29.15 Posted in Blog Talk Radio by

15 Minutes of Poetry returns to the air with a new episode! Featuring Emma Eden Ramos and the Marymount Manhattan Review, this episode will include original poems and a discussion of craft, particularly as it relates to the arc of a writing career and artistic development. We will touch on inspiration and discipline and we […]


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Worthy Evans’ most recent poem to appear here was A Life of Exploration, Finance (April 2013). The author of Green Revolver (USC Press, 2010) along with several other unpublished manuscripts, Worthy will use anything he thinks about, sees, feels, or wonders about people to put into poems or collages. One of these days when he’s less […]

Electric Fields

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Neil Leadbeater’s poem Poem Written on the Back of an Envelope appeared here in March 2015. Electric Fields By Neil Leadbeater At Fenstanton, I was re-stringing high tension electric cable on a day of cloudless skies. Hard to believe where the gale had gone to– how it had vanished into Putin’s Russia after a night […]

… Ready, Embrace

04.24.15 Posted in today's words by

Steven Minchin has studied at The Museum of Modern Art. He has published more than 65 poems in Mad Swirl, Right Hand Pointing, Crack the Spin, Short, Fast and Deadly, and numerous other publications. You can follow him on Facebook. Steven’s most recent poem to appear here was Deaf People Say Huh (September 2014).  … […]

The Tranquility of Previous Existence

04.23.15 Posted in today's words by

Neil Ellman’s most recent poem to appear here was Flowers in the Wind (March 2015). The Tranquility of Previous Existence (after the painting by Walter Quirt) By Neil Ellman Merely to have lived a previous life whether as a tree with a thousand rings or leaf spring-born in green and fallen in autumn’s red as […]

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