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Travel By The Wind

05.26.16 Posted in today's words by

Babatunde Lamidi’s most recent poem to appear here was The Long Stir (February 2014)  Travel By The Wind By Babatunde Lamidi Cool breeze sweeps in Blue clouds hover Dry leaves swirl in dance mood Tingling feeling shivers down the spine Captivating is the city beyond the vines Thoughts of how to get there shimmer Only […]

A Few Other Things

05.25.16 Posted in today's words by

Jerry Durick’s most recent poem to appear here was Fast Food (January 2015).  A Few Other Things By Jerry Durick The list we prepared and Followed religiously through The aisles, ticking off each Item as if it were a mission Accomplished didn’t work, So this is the backup plan The one we build into most […]

Mirror Ocean

05.24.16 Posted in today's words by

Mirror Ocean By Sylvia Shin Her silence was deafening. She was drowning in her fears and frustrations. She grasped onto red, green, and yellow. She was getting washed in by the high tide. The currents had swept her away. Waves of chaos crashed. Shards of water shattered into her thighs, stomach, chest, and face. Her […]

Electric Mr. Cohen

05.23.16 Posted in today's words by

Electric Mr. Cohen By Rollo Nye an entire choir—drunkedly singing—on electrified wires inebriated birds—warblers—wobbling—wretchedly watching—humans covering their heads—respectfully they lift lighter than air then scatter—in directions—everywhere like former lovers—carrying yesterday’s news—under flapping wings away to dream of—insects, worms—and other such things.


05.22.16 Posted in today's words by

Murray Dunlap’s most recent poem to appear here was The Azure of Her Eyes (March 2015)  True By Murray Dunlap From the jaws of madness I follow my heart And breathing easy Love rings true

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