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Unprotected Children

08.26.16 Posted in today's words by

Gary Beck’s most recent poem to appear here was “Applied Arts” (July 2016). His novel Call To Valor was released in July; order it here. Unprotected Children By Gary Beck Primitive societies exposed unwanted children to the elements, survivors welcomed back having proved worthy of continuation. Civilized societies expose unwanted children to unstable adults who torture, murder their helpless […]


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The last poem by Sushant Supriye to appear here was “a fearful thought” (July 2016)  Fear (Hindi title: Dar) Translated from Hindi By Sushant Supriye You fear acid rain hold in ozone layer I fear snake-bites of betrayal Catch-22 situations You fear computer viruses N-bombs I fear looks of indifference agony of separation You fear haunted […]

Gentle Anarchy

08.24.16 Posted in today's words by

Gentle Anarchy By Heather Minette The nighttime was our time to unite our misfit souls and rebel hearts and restless bodies— no witness to our lawless love but the tall pines and fireflies and sleepy beasts stirring awake to the dark melodies among us.

crimson rains

08.23.16 Posted in today's words by

Afzal Moolla’s most recent poem to appear here was “haggard hope” (July 2016)  crimson rains By Afzal Moolla blood-red tears trickle down a million cheeks, a drought of apathy reeks, the summer palls, inhumanity appalls, as wounded earth soaks up crimson rain . . .

Asking Questions

08.22.16 Posted in today's words by

Asking Questions In Memoriam Archimedes Trajano By Gonzalinho da Costa We are born inquisitive. Even in the womb, we ask questions. We are sentient creatures, agog at our sensible experience of life—darkness, light, color, sound, softness, a mother’s bosom, sweetness, her fragrant milk. Time passes, a flock of birds. We learn about rocks and knives—bitterness […]

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