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How long before we, us, our, ours ends?

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Glenn Johnson’s most recent poem to appear here was “In Silence” (June 2016) How long before we, us, our, ours ends?                   What is death’s measurement?                         What determines its width, depth, length?         […]


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Michael Copeland’s most recent poem to appear here was “Bloodline” (June 2016)  Textures By Michael Copeland Shadows to dust, and turning stones not withstanding, my thoughts are of your lovely smile and kind heart. Walk as I must with downturned eyes to the knowing you are with another, In spirit and in glorious love. The dappled […]


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Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. By Pamela Sinicrope Silence surrenders to singing chickadees and chittering squirrels who circle up the closest elm before landing on an evergreen. Chestnut rot wafts through the window, permeating like a cooling apple pie that signals Autumn’s start. The sparkling sun can be heard in a sparrow’s call octaves above human hums. Senses mix, […]

on cold, brilliant mornings

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on cold, brilliant mornings By Holly Holt on cold, brilliant mornings, when the world is waking, your words blanket me, born with a soul of Sundays too wise beyond my years; something of autumn rests in your eyes— as if you’ve seen forever by teetering on the edge where many fear falling; you are old […]

Even in the dark

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Simon Perchik’s most recent poem to appear here was Not lace—a saucer (August 2016)  * Even in the dark your shadow is slipping away covering the floor with rain and what’s saved once the night overflows—hold me! put a stop to arms that are not arms no longer can close the door from so far off, nothing though you cling to a board that has no […]

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