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Jeffrey Smyers’ most recent poem to appear here was “Stray” (January 2014) Witch. By Jeffrey Smyers I want to feel the seasons burn their light into my soul. Breathe in the vast unknown and wilderness untold. I long to hear the halcyon cry of crickets, locusts, birds. Let their long-heard mentions effervesce into untamed words. They […]

Acid Rain

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Acid Rain By Gwen Monohan She raised her gnarled hands beneath gloomy, fitful clouds to grasp countless petal flakes from her apple trees last spring. Taking generous breaths of bloom and spice (wishing instead it were wedding rice), as pale white sprinkles lapsed and tangled in her hair. Frail sequins for a later funeral veil. […]


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Jerry Durick’s most recent poem to appear here was “A Few Other Things” (May 2016)  ESL By Jerry Durick After class they’re there patiently waiting To ask about the assignment, the one posted Online, the one I discussed in class, the one They didn’t follow, understand enough to do, So I go over it again, more […]


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Brian Eichenlaub’s most recent poem to appear here was “Pusillanimity” (August 2016)   Aphonia By Brian Eichenlaub In the Back of my head On the Tip of my tongue Stuck in my throat Not an invocation but an evocation that turns to ash in my mouth, like Demosthenes, I put pebbles there For only spoken words […]


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Nancy Scott McBride’s most recent poem to appear here was “Printmaking” (September 2016) Inspiration By Nancy Scott McBride Some of my poems are inspired by the remembered rhythms of childhood verses and nursery rhymes, of Mother Goose and Dr. Seuss. Others come from a darker place and speak of the stubbed toes, scraped knees and torn […]

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