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Brian Eichenlaub’s most recent poem to appear here was “Aphonia” (October 2016)  ir·re·deem·a·ble By Brian Eichenlaub Souls shattered, Shards splintered, Horses mounted, Kings gathered, Fingers bloodied, Pieces missing


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John Swetnam’s work has appeared in Proteus, Berkeley Fiction Review, Blast Furnace, Kestrel, Review Americana, and Carnival.  He is currently revising a novel set in Guatemala. Lies By John Swetnam Someday, surrounded by lies, I will leave this house we’ve made our own. The children, careful to be optimistic, Will speak with phony certainty of […]

Wishing For Hindsight

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Julie Ellinger Hunt’s most recent poem to appear here was Soon. (October 2016) Wishing For Hindsight By Julie Ellinger Hunt I have to use my mind as I walk down the proverbial street. Gritty sidewalks beneath me. Sounds of cities melded, passers-by blurry faces, their skin more like ash than skin. Buildings creep and sway, their […]

Mr. Tewksbury

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Marc Carver’s most recent poem to appear here was “Shrine” (October 2016) Mr. Tewksbury By Marc Carver The old man sits in the wheel chair he is colorless and grey at the same time if they folded the wheelchair in half they would not need to take him out. They could fold him up and put […]

The Tide Tonight and Me

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The Tide Tonight And Me By James McLain To night’s the night the tide goes out, The tide goes out for me. No fairer love, her love I held, her love Was meant for me. The moon is out and it is bright and bright her face to see. The year’s will pass and as […]

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