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Hiram Larew is the author of More Than Anything, which is available at this link. Click here to hear Hiram Larew read this poem: Candor By Hiram Larew The problem with honesty is that it’s so bald – As if lightning had just struck And combs of all kind were suddenly razors. Sure, if our hours […]


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Outburst By Joe Wells Winds that just minutes ago paced soothingly to and fro, now stand still. Stars that brightly shimmered, have hurriedly disappeared. The silence is deafening. The darkness is blinding. Staring me in the eye, my world froze. A storm inside me is ready to explode . . .

Two by Erren Geraud Kelly

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Erren Geraud Kelly’s most recent poem to appear here was “Blues Like Sunday Morning” (September 2016) Like the new orleans saints and the chicago cubs obama turned the improbability into reality He played the game  with the Hand  congress dealt him And an arm tied behind his back And outlived the cliches He found bin […]


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Lynn White’s most recent poem to appear here was “The Hedgerow Fairies” (December 2016) Unresolved By Lynn White I know that nothing will be resolved, there will be no solutions. So I will make no resolutions, not this year, not next. No, no more. I shall free myself from the unresolved, throw the past up in […]

The Faith of Reason

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Nicholas Damion Alexander’s most recent poem to appear here was “Haiku sequence” (June 2016) The Faith of Reason By Nicholas Damion Alexander A book-littered bed a drizzling fan chaos like order regularizing the disorder of a mind in total control of what it cannot manipulate Which Nothing created this god? must be the Evil Genius Descartes […]

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