It's just poetry, it won't bite


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Austin Brookner lives and writes in Austin, Texas.  ER By Austin Brookner Those horrible white lights And that incessant sound—whatever in the hell it was Metronomically stabbing If not for my haze and dampened faculties It would be unbearable “Why am I not dead?” Followed by “I have to get out of here” The black […]

The Necessity of Rage

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Susie Sweetland Garay’s most recent poem to appear here was “Lantern Light” (July 2017) The Necessity of Rage By Susie Sweetland Garay I am tiered of building walls to protect my tender heart. Instead I want to get angry. To allow my fury for all that is wrong with this world. They tell me to calm […]


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Frank Adams’ most recent poem to appear here was “RSVP” (March 2017) Safety By Frank Adams All are naked, none is safe. —Marianne Moore, What Are Years There are no safe places. Safety is an illusion. No places to hide where we cannot be found. Our souls stripped bare. We are watched, monitored, overheard. Secrets are told. […]

Crimson Tide

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Gwen Monohan’s most recent poem to appear here was “Circuit Breakers” (March 2017) Crimson Tide By Gwen Monohan Before the games of football reign on wide-spread southern clay, flattened by aging rivers curving, overflowing their banks into oxbow lakes, there ranges thick matted clover deep as winter quilts, slathering spring fields in southern Alabama. Rolling crimson […]

Across the Pond

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Michael Fadum writes poems that reflect urban and suburban life.  He’s published in several journals: Blaze Vox, Absolute, Stepping Stones, DM du Jour, and Halycon.  He enjoys hanging with his dogs and drinking micro brews by the fire. Across the Pond By Michael Fadum People worship the red fish or the blue Thinking that one is […]