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the birds enjoy flitting around the snow cover so their colors may be
set off by our winter gloom. Rae Spencer has written a poem about
winter and birds and inspiration and meaning. You know what Rae is
capable of. Since her work first appeared here (Lore, What If, I dropped it again)
she has added new publications to her list of achievements and, yeah! a
Pushcart Prize nomination! Read this and feel spring edge just a little
bit closer.

By Rae Spencer

Pick then a jay
For quarrelsome lines
And a ruby red cardinal
For heart pain
Or simply for stark contrast
Against winter

Spell out a robin
For cheer
And a raven
For peril
Or maybe for wisdom
One being an echo
Of the other

Say next “canary”
So we can hear it sing
Funny how we wouldn’t hear
A warbler
Or even a quail
Saying its own name
In whistle syllable

Finally a crow
For endings
Set beside a dove
For beginnings
Or simply for further contrast
Against winter.

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