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Contributor Series 1: 9/11, Remembering That September

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Contributor Series 1: 9/11
Remembering That September
By Linda Ardison
(written September 2009)
The writer was in York, PA, on 9/11.

They leap and fall like rag dolls,
Splay out upon the pavement.
There’s no one to catch them
Or to snatch the others
From the glowing Staircase B,
No one to blow the white ash
Off the world, once smoke-swirl
Billows through the screaming streets
Until all feet are white with new snow;
Over the East River, streams of clean
Air clarify the sky, but no planes fly,
Except in Washington, and Shanksville,
Plummeting to earth like silver toys–
A day made perfect by September sun
Before the running crowd cries out.
The twin towers flatten like the blocks
A small boy stacks, then sweeps
His hand through in a power rage.

Linda Ardison’s poetry is scheduled to appear in vox poetica in 2009.

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