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Contributor Series 10: Silken Rags, Red Velvet (Holiday Love)

12.29.11 Posted in Contributor Series 10, words to linger on by

Contributor Series 10: Silken Rags
Red Velvet (Holiday Love)
By Jimmi Ware

I stood across the room at this holiday gathering
I sipped champagne and he was staring
Interrupting my ability to think
He sent an air toast to accompany my drink
Decorations for this festive occasion
Everyone dressed to the nines, you know?
I saw him standing near the mistletoe
Tonight I am that Lady in Red
He will be dancing with me
Just the way it should be
Colorful lights and the perfect slow dance
As we rekindle/reinvent romance
He will take my hand and lead me to the floor
Our subtle rhythm will express much more
Than words ever could, life is good
My head on his shoulder this time of year
Lends new meaning to Christmas cheer
Unforgettable romance, lost in a slow dance
I close my eyes and glide, we are closer than most
Can comprehend, I am more than his friend
Let this love begin
I have admired him from afar
Together is where we are
I am reminded of warm winter fires
Snowflakes dancing in winter wind
As he spins me again and again
Whispering sweet things in my ear
Knowing it will be a Happy New Year
‘Tis the season to be merry and such
I now realize why I love him so much
His eyes are filled with affection
I star gaze into his twin planets
He mirrors back in my direction
They are opening gifts
He grants me my fondest wish
In the form of a soft kiss
Ahhh, sweet holiday bliss
What manner of love is this?
My heart melted
Deep in my soul
I felt it
The very moment 
He called me
Red Velvet

Jimmi Ware’s most recent poem to appear here was I Am, published as part of Contributor Series 5: Dramatis Personae in June 2010.

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