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Contributor Series 10: Silken Rags, The Twist

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Contributor Series 10: Silken Rags

The Twist
By Jeanette Gallagher

It’s the club’s annual New Year’s Eve party.
The band plays blues, rock and roll,
and the hits of the time. One of these is
the newest dance craze, the Twist.

Her husband is handsome in his tuxedo.
They say she’s striking in her new twist dress,
thin straps across bare shoulders with layers of
white fringe over silk from chest to knees.

They join friends at a long table where the women
admire and envy her courage for wearing this dress,
purchased at the finest women’s boutique.
The men tease her and complain about wearing tuxedos.

After dinner the drums beat louder, the saxophone gets deeper.
She and her husband join the crowd on the dance floor
and dance to the sounds of “Come on baby, let’s do the twist.”
She shimmies, she shakes while they do the twist.

The dress magnifies every magical move. The crowd
circles to watch while they show how it’s done.
Even Chubby Checker would have been proud
of this couple and the applause they’d won!

Jeanette Gallagher’s most recent poem to appear here was Two to Tango (September 2011).

4 Responses to “Contributor Series 10: Silken Rags, The Twist”

  1. Jeanette says:

    Jeanette! The heat rose in my cheeks at the beat of your drums and the wail of your sax! Thanks for transporting me to your dance floor! I feel as if I know you!!! Jean

  2. Thanks for the memories. I was there with every movement. That dress was amazing like the lady that wore it.

  3. bobbie troy says:

    I can relate to this one! Great memories.

  4. Jeanette Gallagher says:

    Thank you three unique and talented ladies for your kind comments! I blush at your kindness and treasure your words! Thank you so much.

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