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Contributor Series 11: On Birthdays, Gifted Delicacy

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Contributor Series 11: On Birthdays
Gifted Delicacy

By Karen Jakubowski
for Rob

Parchment circle settles into springform
Earthquake on the countertop
Wooden mallet smashing grahams
Melted butterfall cascades
Into pool of sugar crushed crackers
Mix and press crusty confection
Foil wrapped base formed 
Ignite the bath in readiness

Solid ingredients bang and clamor
Sturdy Kitchen-Aid thumps and jumps
As it pummels bricks of Philly
Wrestled silk and granular crystals merge
Sweet medley of wholesome bequest
Egg yellow slurries fade to pale
Whirlpool spins thick white batter
Agitate substance with leisure
Sloshing banter of beater
Infuses air to lighten and lift
Dash of vanilla rounds out flavor

Marriage of liquid snow and golden valley
Bathes seventy five moments in scalding water
Sleeps through sunset
Rests til morn in chambers cool
Transported to conference
Devoured with song
Forks glide from plate to plate
Satisfying velvet uniformity
Lingering celebration

Karen Jakubowski’s poem Soulscape appeared here in June 2012.

2 Responses to “Contributor Series 11: On Birthdays, Gifted Delicacy”

  1. Oh, how this cookbook author and OB\Gyn loves this clever, clever birth of a delectable dish!! Karen, this is a “keeper” for me!!!

  2. Karen Jakubowski says:

    Now you only need the measurements. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.

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