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Contributor Series 4: Aspects of the Elephant, Now that I know

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Contributor Series 4: Aspects of the Elephant
Now that I know
By Karen Schindler

it’s hard to get what you want
til you know what it is
now that I know
what I have always desired
I can see myself shifting toward getting it
funny how that happens


look at me like you want to lay me 
own and make me moan your name
accept m
 as I am
appreciate my talent
live l
ke no one’s watching
bring me tea without p
 b e
 my friend

Karen Schindler’s poetry (Greedy Ghouls, Seeds, Nature’s Parade, undiscovered, Coming Home) has appeared at vox poetica in 2009.

7 Responses to “Contributor Series 4: Aspects of the Elephant, Now that I know”

  1. I was amazed at how simply beautifully this poem spoke to me. I would change only one word, that being tea to coffee, for personal taste. Thank you for bringing this to me today.

  2. bobbie troy says:

    I love the “desire” part!

  3. Kay,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for your lovely words. *clinks glass to yours*

  4. It seems to be a running theme for me right now Bobbie. Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something.
    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  5. These are the words of someone that has lived. I love it.

  6. Jeanette,
    I think that you hit it right on the head. I used to live, now that I’m older I want to LIVE… and I’m starting to say so. [loudly]
    Thank you for your kind words.

  7. Stan Galloway says:

    The shift from part 1 to part 2 is elemental. It shows the break between former things and what the future might be like. The central acrostic is okay with me, but the real beauty is the simple sentiment that love resides in everyday togetherness and thoughtfulness. I hope I can be so sensitive.

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