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Contributor Series 6: A Currency of Words, Wordsilk

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Contributor Series 6: A Currency of Words
By PD Lyons

reminding me of words like
border line
crescent coyote
ancient timbers
polished smooth as kisses
abandoned eyes of ship-wrecked sailors
myriad pin prick suns
flightless birds
something Spanish that you
said along a twilight
Ishmael to Ishmael
all the nights we’ve ever known
not bothering the quiet

PD Lyons made his most recent appearance at vox poetica in August 2010 with Perennials.

2 Responses to “Contributor Series 6: A Currency of Words, Wordsilk”

  1. Jessie carty says:

    Particularly like Ishmael to Ishmael 🙂

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