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Contributor Series 9: If Men Had Ears, Alcatraz

07.18.11 Posted in Contributor Series 9, words to linger on by

Contributor Series 9: If Men Had Ears
By Robert Cory

January, February, march, march, March. 
Spring is breakin’ through the gray.
Make some room. Clear the way.
Let me hear Mother Nature say:
“Hubba, hubba, make a wish.”
Give me that blue sky résumé. 
Pop those daffodils … nice and slow.
Uh-oh! Look! Skeins of lightning. Blow wind blow.  
Rain puddles, mud pies, buds on a limb.                    
Boom thunder! Bloom crocus! Strut robin!
It’s outside, inside … everywhere it seems,
Toss me the bat and let’s choose teams.
My dog’s howlin’. Your cat’s scratchin’.
Love is energy, torque for the soul
Churnin’ like the daydream of a six-year-old.
Please, I beg you, c’mon April. Gotcha!                 
Listen to the morning dove. Kites in the sky.
Short sleeves. Barefoot. Give a bike a ride.  
Knock, knock. Who’s there? Jury’s back. Verdict’s in.
Pass the vertigo and let me sin!
It’s all on the menu. It’s all for show.   
See a new landscape in every window!
Revived from asleep by Mister G.
Mumblety-peg. Hopscotch. Hide and seek. 
Anthills, fly swatters, gnat up your nose. 
Kool-aid, croquet, picnic in the park.
Tree climbin’, sunburn, kick-the-can after dark.
Caterpillars, cracker jacks, fireflies in a jar.
Jump through a sprinkler on a greened-up lawn,
Jump rope, double-dares, let out a yawn.
Sit down. Stand up. Rainbows flair.
Stars of the Milky Way blink and stare. Pound, pound.
Heart to heart. Cheek to cheek. Head to toe.
Tingle, earthquake, dust to dust.
Life’s for livin’ an’ kissing’s a must!
Bubble bath cumulus. Month of May.     
Love me on a hillside the ol’ fashion way.
Tether-ball. Teeter-totter. Tug o’ war.
Raise that Fahrenheit, tête-à-tête,
Hark! Ali Baba’s babble, “Open that gate.”
Birds a’ chirpin’. Bees a’ hummin’.
Oo, oo…hear that whistle? Train’s a comin’.
Oh! OH! You gotta roll over and let me breathe!
Mother may I? If Simon says…
You can put this feeling on Alcatraz.

Robert Cory’s poem Above an Ad atop Page 3 appeared here in April 2011.

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