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If I Could

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Jonathan Douglas Dowdle’s most recent poem to appear here was “Images in the Ashes” (September 2019).

If I Could
By Jonathan Douglas Dowdle

If I could write the word: “Goodnight,”
Upon the fading day,
And like the light give way to night
And softly slip away,
I’d disappear without a fear,
A worry, or a care,
But too much still waits to be done
Before heaven’s aching air.

If I could leave the weight of time
So heavy in my arms,
I’d sing myself a lullaby
Until some great sleep finally comes,
And the weight of empty music,
With their endless, pounding drums,
Would settle in the silence,
That always, finally, comes.

For there is little left to say, now,
And little left to do,
Little left to say
Of things I want to be true,
But in the weight of the moment,
While the sky’s still blue,
It only takes a little,
A little to see you through.

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