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The Imaginary Fisherman

04.17.17 Posted in today's words by

Dinachi Ikenna Dike’s most recent poem to appear here was “As We Walked Home” (December 2016)

The Imaginary Fisherman
By Dinachi Ikenna Dike

I imagined I was a fisherman by the sea shore
Away from the draining bustle of the city
In the morning, I am casting my net in the waters
At night, I am roasting my catch at the fireplace
My wife sitting beside me, content
And my two year old dancing in the heat.

I imagined living by the riverside
Not having to sit in traffic several hours to work
At dawn, I walk to the habour, straddling my net
At dusk, I sit with my friends over the calabash
Savouring a steamy fish pepper soup
And discussing our next fishing in the deep seas.

I imagined not having to rush out my house at five today
Forgetting to comb my hair and have strangers stare at me, bewildered
At eight a.m, typing furiously at the box for a computer
At seven in the evening, my eyes are swollen-red and my feet hurting.
My manager walks up to me and reminds me of the deadline.
Maybe I should walk up to her and tell her of my lifeline.

2 Responses to “The Imaginary Fisherman”

  1. H. Larew says:

    Daydreams as lifelines. Yes, indeed!


  2. Haha Dreams of mystical places and life out there somewhere in the mist.

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