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Like I Used to Be

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Philibert F Kongtcheu, a paralytic polio and post-polio syndrome survivor is the author most recently of Yearnings for Life: A Short Collection of Poetry in the Shapes and Languages That Speak to Me (available at Amazon).

Like I Used to Be
By Philibert F Kongtcheu

I want to be handsome,
Like I used to be
At birth, the whole ten pounds
Of me in imperial flesh and bones and
Overwhelming head, and cheeks and lips,
And irresistible cuteness,

Before the thing,
that knocked me down;
Hot, feverish, _______
__________ and then innate,
For a while. Time lost,
tides missed, have not waited

For me. But for what remains
I must care–alert to newer tides,
Nurturing dawning possibilities–
Lengthening times for things,
Trickster of the natural order,
So that perhaps, somehow;

I want to be sexy,
Like they say now;
With ruggedly brutish
Looks of gangsta bad boys
And be able to sing,
Like they do now:

“I am sexy,
……….& I know it”


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