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I Get What Lonely is About

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Dale Leffler’s most recent poem to appear here was “High Mileage Low Maintenance” (July 2016) 

I Get What Lonely is About
By Dale Leffler

I get what lonely is about
it’s about a singleness of existence
an absence of the other
the overwhelming loudness of the quiet.

Sharing decades with one other
expands one’s sphere of consciousness,
to include, to be aware, to consider,
the effect on what’s best for both.

When that together is no longer
bonds seemingly put asunder
gives way to too much time to ponder
where do we (I) go from here.
(with you in my pocket)

With collapsing thought patterns
my sense of place contracts.
Doing just for me doesn’t feel right
and why is the worst
sleeping alone at night?

No pretty pictures or words to relate
while waiting for these feelings to dissipate
I watch my mind attempt to reconcile
and recompile what’s in store for me.
Do I wait on fate or simply smile
and figure out how to create
an ‘after’ life?

One Response to “I Get What Lonely is About”

  1. Sad, but honest. Ones heart is a tough subject.

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