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Novelty Road

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Ruth Gooley’s most recent poem to appear here was “Ariel” (September 2011)

Novelty Road
By Ruth Gooley

A break for lunch,
I sit, pull out a sandwich,
regard my familiars,
these straggling,
sand-blasted hills, buffeted
by strands of scrub,
deer, coyotes. By my foot
the seed-head of a buckwheat,
a stinkbug slow as low tide.
A pumped-up lizard,
a splendid-shouldered hawk.
For dessert a simple apple, the view.
Then, from afar, a new sound,
a baa. Yes, indeed, a second, a third,
a chorus, I stand for an up-side-down treat
offered up by the breeze,
odd shapes, fat and white,
graze on a well-loved spot,
adjust my road, tilt my horizon,
show me a brand new path. 

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